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29 Apr
Be a Dentist in the UK- LDS & ORE exam details
By info eDental

Dentists are required to be registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) to practice dentistry i...

05 Jan
DHA MOH HAAD SDLE Exam pattern for Dental Specialist
By info eDental

eDental Portal is arevolutionary exam preparatory platform offering a personalised intelligent revis...

11 Dec
Tooth Discolourations and Bleaching
By info eDental

Dr. Grossman highlights the major causes for tooth discoloration as: Decomposition of the pulp...

11 Nov
MJDF Exam Preparation Guideline & Recommended Books
By eDental Support

This post is the firstof a two-partposts,specific to thethe MJDF exam. Please read it along side wit...