Career Pathways in Dentistry, with focus on Gulf


12 Apr
Kennedy Classification and Applegate's Rules in RPD
By Febina Ahmed Palayat

Removable partial denture is a prosthesis that replace somemissing teeth in the maxilla or/and mandi...

08 Mar
Clinical attachment, Training, Internship in Dubai
By info eDental

Clinical training is available for healthcare professionals in the Emirate of Dubai where gaps or br...

05 Feb
SDLE Saudi Dental Licensing Exam: Everything you need to know!
By info eDental

What is Saudi Dental Licensure Exam (SDLE)? If you intend to practice in Saudi Arabia or get admi...

01 Nov
Tooth development, Eruption and Related Difficulties
By info eDental

Tooth development Tooth development progresses throughwell-defined stages – epithelial thic...