Career Pathways in Dentistry, with focus on Gulf


02 Mar

Dataflow fees for DHA, MOH, DOH/HAAD exam

By info eDental

Detailed breakdown of Dataflow fees for General Dentist as well Specialists for the year 2023 is ava...

31 Mar

Dental Implantology Privilege for DHA, MOH, DOH, Qatar and Saudi

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Licensed General Dentists andDental Specialists, except Dental Radiologists are eligible to apply fo...

28 Feb

Work in Kuwait: KDLE Dentist Licensing Exam 2022

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How can a dentist work in Kuwait? To work in Kuwait as a dentist, you must sit and pass the Kuwai...

08 Mar

Clinical attachment, Training, Internship in Dubai

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Clinical training is available for healthcare professionals in the Emirate of Dubai where gaps or br...