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Discover eDental Portal’s revision resources for Prometric exam preparation.

eDental Portal is a revolutionary exam preparatory platform offering a personalised intelligent and responsive revision resource for dentists to pass prometric exams across MENA, including DHA for Dubai, MOH for emirates other than Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, DOH (HAAD) for Abu Dhai and Al Ain, NHRA for Bahrain residents, SDLE for Saudi Arabia, QCHP for Qatar residents and OMSB for Oman.

We maintain the most powerful Question banks available, complemented by up-to-date exam specific resources that enable you to progress towards your exams and in turn your career goal.

We are building a future where preparing for exams in the Middle-east is easy, convenient and engaging. We help dentists pass exams, driven by the idea of improving oral care for people in the Middle-east.