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Need your Dataflow Primary Source Verification and Exam booking completed?

Find assistance with Prometric Exam Application , Data Flow and Booking DHA, DOH, QCHP, SDLE, OMSB exams

What is Primary Source Verification (PSV)?

Primary Source Verification (PSV) is the process of verifying your documents directly from the issuing body (primary source) by a specialized international organization called Dataflow. Verification process must be completed for educational certificates, employment experiences, health license/registration and good standing certificate.

Why is Primary Source Verification (PSV) Necessary?

Primary Source Verification (PSV) helps health authorities detect any false certificates. This helps health authorities like DHA, DOH (previously called HAAD), MOH, QCHP, OMSB etc. ensure that the professionals registering and licensing to practice in the country are qualified with legitimate certifications.

eDental Portal offers professional services with your e-application submission, credentialing,dataflow primary source verification and scheduling your prometric and pearson vue exams so that you can focus your valuable time on preparing for your exam. For using our services, simply fill up this form and hit submit and complete the payment. One of our team-members will be in touch with you using your preferred contact option to guide and keep you up-to-date on your application progress.

We offer the fastest service for Dataflow for DHA (Dubai Health Authority) exam,DOH Dataflow (Department of Health, Abu Dhabi. This exam was previously called HAAD exam),Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners (QCHP) Dataflow, NHRA Dataflow for Bahrain residents,SDLE Dataflow for Saudi Arabia residents and OMSB exam dataflowfor Oman resident.We complete Dataflow paper work on an average within 28 days.

How do I schedule a Prometric exam?

Prometric exams like DHA for Dubai, QCHP for Qatar, SDLE for Saudi Arabia and NHRA for Bahrain and OMSB for Oman are scheduled from the Prometric testing company once you have a unique ID and generated eligibility.

We do this process for you and give you the full privilege to choose a date/month of your preference (closest date if slots previously booked out) and even time of exam.

What is DHA eligibility letter?

DHA eligibility letter is made available on your DHA Sheryan account after you have passed your DHA exams, submitted your DHA registration application and linked all of your Dataflow verified documents. It takes roughly five working days for the registration application to be approved by DHA and the eligibility letter to be made available on your DHA Sheryan account for download. The eligibility matter will be found by clicking on ‘My records’

What happens after I complete payment on eDental Portal website?

Once you complete the payment, you will instantly receive confirmation of your payment in your email (payment invoice).

You will also receive detailed guidance and specifics required for successful application and document verification over email. You can share your documents by reply to the email or you can choose to Whatsapp the documents or upload the documents directly on eDental Portal- whatever is convenient for you.

We have an award-winning team and we begin working/submitting your Dataflow application for veriffication with 24 hours of receiving your documents. Once we begin your application process, we will keep you updated about your application through every step of the way over email by offering a tracking ID.

Can I book my DOH Pearson Vue exam before I complete my Dataflow?

No. The exam process for DOH (previously called HAAD) Pearson Vue exam is lengthy and exam dates are not alloted to dentists if they have not completed Dataflow verification. Dataflow verification process is a mandatory step that must be completed before DOH (The Department of Health, Abu Dhabi) will approve you exam slots.

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