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Fousiya KS



You are on a roll

what does mean by you are on a roll?Is there a limit to how many questions I can answer per day? Please replay

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Preethi Flavia Pereira



Viva Questions (27/01/2024)

1. LA for Lower Molar?

2. How to manage separated instruments?
3. How to manage Hypoglycemic Patient?
4. Hot tooth and principles of endo treatment.
5. Types of irrigation?
6. Baby bottle caries/nursing caries.
7. Infection control in clinic?
8. Infection control during Corona virus?
9. Last update in hepatitis B vaccine.
10. 4yrs old patient with avulsed central incisor.
11. Extraction of lower 6, What type of LA, What the nerve block.
12. Difference between external, internal root resorption, radiography( X-Ray technique)
13. Avalsed central tooth for 4 yr old Patient what's the management
14. What's the complication can occur immediately after IANB?
15. What Anesthesia for extraction of lower 6 ?
16. Management of discolored tooth Endo treated 1 year ago?
17. Complication of extraction ?
18. Pt with teeth
19. Types of bleaching ?
20. RCT pain after visit .
21. Flare up ...causes ?
22. Sodium avoid ??
23. gingival inflammation cause and management ?
24. Gingival Hyperplasia .
25. Apexification and Apexogenesis .
26. Avulsion in 4yrs and 8yrs .
27. How you can to know your RCT in a good prognosis?
28. What you do initially if a RCT patient come to the clinic?
29. Dry socket .
30. Complications after extraction ?
31. Lower 6 xn what areas, what nerves are anaesthetized, which area ?
32. Failure of above anesthesia. What to do?
33. Complications of IANB .
34. Complications of xn , management ?
35. Pain after 2 days what to do, Management ?
36. Vertical root fracture .
37. Pre RCT evaluation .
38. Perforation .
39. 4 yr old tooth avulsed how to manage ?
40. How would it differ if the pt was 10 yr old came with
tooth in milk ttt and what you advice the parents?
41. Cervical root resorption ttt ?
42. How to differentiate between internal and external
resorption radiographically (Different techniques)
43. What is the importance of access cavity in RCT ?
44. Causes of gingival enlargement and bleeding ?
45. What type of x-ray in ramus fracture ?
46. Warfarin
47. Pt take anesthesia not affect , How to manage ?

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Zainabath Lubna



Why am I not able to extend my study plan?

Its showing extension request expired 

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Uzmah Omar




It says "Your questions are loading. Click button below". When I click the button, nothing opens and it fails to load. 

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Mark Johnson


OMSB viva questions

Predisposing factors:
Poor OH
 Inadequate sleeping
 Alcohol consumption
 Signs & Symptoms

Young adults, bleeding gingiva, Halitosis, poor OH, sloughing,
 necrotic interdental papillae, punched out appearance.
 Hydrogen peroxide
 Review in 1-2days
 Systemic involvement (metronidazole 200mg 3times for 3
 Non-surgical periodontal therapy
 Biological width:
Surgical therapy (gingivectomy and gingivplasty)
  Optimal distance b/n free gingival margins and crest if alveolar bone
  normal condition should be 3mm

Distance b/n CEJ and bone = 2 mm

Perio-endo lesion. identify it & treatment:
 Caused by endodontic pathogens that have spread coronally, thus
 involving the gingival margin and in some cases creating a fistula or
 sinus tract.
 Originating from a marginal lesion which has subsequently affected
 more in apical periodontal area
 Resulting in a combination of the above , in which case the differential
 diagnosis must attribute each portion of the lesion to its cause
 Tx: Including RCT with management of periodontal disease with
 scaling and root planning, patient education, and periodontal hygiene

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nioosha Kazemi


Recent DHA exam

I cleared my DHA 2 days ago 🥹

I got standard plan , my score for mock test was 130(84%)
First of all thanks to edental team 
Read the questions and explanations well it helps alot and it would be enough .
Wilkes classification of TMJ was asked I had no idea what is that 
Diameter of tip of a probe? 0.5
Picture of fordyce granules
Learn picture and function of ortho appliances ,mine the answer was high speed palatal expansion tooth born appliance >>>hyrax 
Distance of implant to a natural tooth is 1.5 but it was asked in a complicated way with picture and u should have choose the right implant for the space given in the picture
Read fluoride table well
 Thats all I remember 
Exam is not easy so get it serious and read explanation provided by edental team very well
Good luck everyone .

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Riaz Ahmed



If I have been practicing bds dentist in a privat clinic in India for 2 years, am I fulfilling the experience of 2 years to appear in the dha exams

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Sneha Pradeep


Passing score

Passing score for HAAD??

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