Dr Andy George


Attempted the DHA exam for general dentistry recently

Body of the post: Here are a few topics on which questions came in my exam. 

Best of luck to the people attempting the exam soon. 

1 Tongue healing after injury and management  

2 Grading and staging of periodontics cases 

3 What is done prior to a biopsy  

4 Disinfection protocol for impressions  

5 Occlusal schemes for various clinical cases  

6 Early childhood caries 

7 Questions on Ethics  

8 Pulp and periapical diagnosis  

9 Vertical root fracture  

10 Sjogren syndrome  

11 implant bone loss  

12 implant and tooth distance  

13 Pulp treatment for avulsed tooth  

14 question on inr  

15 corticosteroids dental management  

16 Asthma patient dental management 

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