nioosha Kazemi


Recent DHA exam

I cleared my DHA 2 days ago 🥹

I got standard plan , my score for mock test was 130(84%)
First of all thanks to edental team 
Read the questions and explanations well it helps alot and it would be enough .
Wilkes classification of TMJ was asked I had no idea what is that 
Diameter of tip of a probe? 0.5
Picture of fordyce granules
Learn picture and function of ortho appliances ,mine the answer was high speed palatal expansion tooth born appliance >>>hyrax 
Distance of implant to a natural tooth is 1.5 but it was asked in a complicated way with picture and u should have choose the right implant for the space given in the picture
Read fluoride table well
 Thats all I remember 
Exam is not easy so get it serious and read explanation provided by edental team very well
Good luck everyone .

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